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Private Power Pole Installation

Licensed and insured private power pole installation

Private power pole installation provides electricity to a building beyond the primary connection point on the street. The responsibility of ensuring the safe and proper functioning of the system lies with the property owner. Electrical defect notices will be issued in the event of any issues, and prompt action must be taken.

These installations are placed within the property and function as the primary electrical source for the building. The private poles are connected to the home through cables and linked to the street’s network via a point of attachment. 

Even though multiple homes share it, the private electricity power line can be directed to any location. Typically, the power is directed to the main electrical switchboard, from which it can be distributed to any section of the house.

What is the private power pole installation cost in Sydney?

Like any other job, a private power pole installation cost varies depending on the work needed. This implies that you have to consider the cost of the pole itself, labour charges, electrician fees, connection fees, and cable prices. 

Unfortunately, some companies offer quotes to clients without considering all aspects of the project, which can be deceptive and put homeowners in an uncomfortable position when they see the final bill.

At Cuthill Electrical Contractors, we take pride in providing transparent and accurate quotes to our clients so that everyone involved understands the scope of the project. Our level 2 electricians are skilled and approachable, so we always aim to provide the best possible job at a fair price.

Why must you consider power pole installation?

The primary purpose of power pole installation on properties is to give homeowners control over where electricity is available. These poles are installed according to the landowner’s preference, and the electricity is then transferred to the switchboard and distributed throughout the building.

Another significant reason why a private power pole installation is necessary is that connecting to the network pole on the street can pose a safety hazard. Cables from the network pole could obstruct trees, walkways, and roads, making a private installation safer. Additionally, this will reduce the number of wires needed, creating a safer environment for both the street and surrounding properties.

Finally, private power poles may need to be installed as a replacement for existing poles that have become outdated. This requires a private power replacement service.

Signs you need a private pole installation

Property owners are accountable for maintaining power poles on their premises. To identify whether the power poles are damaged or not, check for the following signs:

  • The power poles lean towards one side.
  • Rust marks or signs of damage are visible.
  • The cross arm seems to be sagging, loose or breaking.
  • Electrical fitting or wires are broken.
  • Trees extend to the overhead powerlines.


Please note if any of the above damage signs are visible on your property pole, it is advised to contact licensed master electricians immediately. Unsafe property poles can result in fire or electrical shock.

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